APPELLO Web Service

APPELLO is a Web Service developed by Henriette  to connect to sets of EpiDoc encoded documents and extract information from them. It is a RESTful Web Service designed to be easy to use. Methods and other parameters are sent via a URI to a server which returns the answer as TEI compliant XML.
To access and make use of APPELLO for VTO2 you must know that the main URL is:

You then need to append a method and any relevant parameters to this URL. Currently APPELLO consists of the following methods:

The pattern uses * as a wildcard letter and [abc] one letter space that could either be the letter a, b, or c.

These methods are used throughout this website (VTO2). The use of APPELLO to retrieve information from the Vindolanda Tablets is covered by the CC license Creative Commons License as the EpiDoc documents themselves are. The future plan for APPELLO is to make the code available under Open Source for anyone to use and connect to any EpiDoc dataset with minimal configuration.
APPELLO has been developed as a part of Henriette Roued-Cunliffe’s PhD work on Decision Support Systems for Reading Ancient Documents in co-operation with the eSAD project at the University of Oxford. In this context APPELLO is meant to be used as a service to which the user can send a pattern and retrieve words form different datasets that fit the pattern. For more information about this please visit  Henriette’s PhD blog.