Printed publication vs. online edition


The Vindolanda ink tablets excavated in the 1970s and 1980s have been published in three volumes by Alan Bowman and David Thomas. The first volume, Vindolanda: the Latin writing tablets (Tab.Vindol.I), published the tablets excavated in the 1970s (numbers 1 to 117). In 1994 the second, The Vindolanda Writing Tablets (Tab.Vindol.II) published the tablets excavated in the 1980s (numbers 118- 573). The tablets (numbers 574-853) from excavations of the 1990s were published in 2003 (Tab.Vindol.III).

Numbering and reference

The details of the numbering system should be noted. The tablets published in Tab.Vindol.I were republished in Tab.Vindol.II, since a larger corpus of texts and increased familiarity with the script demanded that many earlier readings be substantially revised. The tablets from Tab.Vindol.I were also given new numbers in the Tab.Vindol.II sequence. Please use the numbering sequence from Tab.Vindol.II (which is continued in Tab.Vindol.III to refer to individual tablets. The suggested form of reference for an individual tablet is Tab. Vindol. XX, e.g. Tab. Vindol. 343.

There is also another sequence of numbers by which the tablets are sometimes referred to, those given in the Vindolanda archaeological inventory during excavation, initially in the 1970s as numbers alone, e.g. 45, 117, later prefixed by the year of discovery, e.g. 85.210. This inventory also includes blank ink tablets and stylus tablets. These archaeological inventory numbers are used in the publications that preceded the publications of Tab.Vindol.II and Tab.Vindol.III. Tab.Vindol.II sequence is the default sequence used in the website but it is also possible to sort the tablets after the inventory number in the list of all tablets.