Tablet 169

description 116 x 45 mm.
Two joining scraps containing the beginning of a request for leave. A third scrap containing three letters (ius), possibly in the hand of Cerialis (cf. 225-32), does not belong to this text.


Gannallius (centuriae) .ṛ...[ n
[rogo domi]ne Cerialis
. . . . . . . .


'Gannallius of the century of ... I ask, my lord Cerialis ... '


1. The name Gannallius is not attested but the reading is very clear. NPEL cites two occurrences of Gannicus, in Gallia Belgica and Noricum; AS I 1982, Ganapo at Nemausus in Narbonensis; note also Gannascus of the Chauci, Tacitus, Ann. 11.18. Cf. LAN 307-8. .r...: apart from r, only exiguous traces of the bottoms of letters remain. These would suit the reading Cresc[entis (cf. 128.4 for the century of Crescens) but there are other possibilities.

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