Tablet 173

description, Tab.Vindol.I 55 CEL 122. 55. x 122. mm.
The evidence for the pattern of texts requesting leave was not available when this fragment was first published, but it is now obvious that it must belong to this category. The name of the recipient of the application is certainly not Cerialis or Flavianus; we think it is probably Priscinus, probably at some time prefect of the First Cohort of Tungrians (for whom see 295-8).



'I ask you, my lord Priscinus, .... a worthy person ... '


1. It is possible that this is the first line of the text (cf. 170, introduction). For another possible example of a request which includes te as the object of rogo see 175.3 and introduction.

2. Despite the fact that the bottoms of the letters are lost and the first and last letters have virtually disappeared, we are reasonably confident of the reading. The reading of the second letter as r compares very well with r of rogo in the previous line; isci looks very good and n before the final e looks plausible.

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