Tablet 249

description 75 x 22 mm.
Part of the left-hand side of a leaf containing the opening of a letter from Oppius Niger to Cerialis. Oppius Niger is the man who, apparently at a later date, sent 295 to Priscinus, but although the hand of the present letter bears considerable resemblance to that of 295, it is probably not the same (e in particular being very different in the two texts). For discussion of the identity of persons with this cognomen in the tablets see the introduction to 295.


[O]p̣pius Niger Ceriali suo n
[ salut] ẹ[m n
. . . . . . . .


1. There is a large space between the name of the sender and the addressee, cf. 259.1 and note.

2. It is odd that there is no sign of the top of s in salutem.

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