Tablet 264

description 78 x 47 mm.
The end of a letter to Cerialis, with an address on the back. Only exiguous traces of the main part of the message remain but we have the complete closure written by a second hand. We think that this is likely to be the same as the second hand of 310, in which case Chrauttius will be the correspondent of Cerialis in the present text. The identification of the hands rests on the palaeographical similarities (note particularly o, e, l and c) and is supported by the fact that both letters use the formula opto sis felicissimus, which does not occur in exactly this form elsewhere in the tablets. Since Chrauttius is likely to be of similar rank or status to his correspondent Veldedeius the equisio in 310, the addition of the respectful domine and quo es dignissimus in the present text is appropriate to the address to a prefect. The position of the greeting, in the bottom right-hand corner of the tablet, is noteworthy.


. . . . . . . .
].. uacat
]. ṛạṇ [ . ] . uacat n
opto domine sis n
felicissimus quo n
5 es dignissimus n
Flauio Ceriali n
. . . . . . . .


' ... I pray, my lord, that you enjoy the best of fortune, of which you are most worthy. (Back) To Flavius Cerialis. '


2. We could equally well read ].na....

3-5. For the position of the closing greeting at the right cf. 255.ii.15-7 and note.

6. The loss of the bottoms of the letters in the address on the reverse shows that some part of the tablet has been lost. It is possible that there are some traces of writing at the broken edge on the front. Note that in 310.ii.21 Chrauttius adds a concluding uale.

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