Tablet 283

description, Tab.Vindol.I 40, Plate IX, 3 and 4. CEL 107.
A fragment of what must be the right-hand portion of a diptych containing seven lines of a letter and on the back remains of an address to a prefect who could well be Flavius Cerialis.


. . . . . . . .
... [
peruer....... [ n
quos si ....... [ n
Ṛọmam petere . ọ. [ n
5 quitur uiatico .... [ n
quod . i. si ṭạbuḷạṣ a.. [ n
. . . . . . . .


Front.2. peruer.......: only the bottoms of letters survive at the right. We hesitantly suggest that a possible reading is per Verecundum, but note that the name is very common and need not refer to the prefect Iulius Verecundus (for whom see 210-12).

Front.3. .at...., suggested in CEL 107, is impossible.

Front.4. Romam: the reading of initial r is probable and only imam or omam could follow; we therefore still consider the reading likely to be correct. At the end eo.[ or so.[, suggested in CEL 107, is impossible.

Front.5. quitur: probably se]quitur or a compound. uiatico: also in 330.2.

Front.6. In the ed. pr. we suggested fibulas but now think that the second letter is better read as a. We might have quod fit si tabulas a..[, cf. 217.ii.1.

Back.1. In the ed. pr. we suggested that a name such as Liburno would suit the traces. Only r is certain but ce preceding it looks plausible and we now think it is possible, though difficult, to read it as an address to Flavius Cerialis.

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