Tablet 482

Part of the right-hand side of a diptych containing the ends of three lines from one column and two lines of a second. Use of interpunct is noteworthy.
The rest of the tablet is blank, suggesting the end of a letter in the normal two columns. If this is the case, it is strange that there is no closure and no trace of an address on the back, and this suggests that it may be a draft.


] . t
] .. ṇị
] . ị · n


3. The letter after gu seems to be a correction, probably from c, and guttis ("drops") makes sense. guṣtis could be read (normally 4th declension, but TLL VI.2 2368 attests an alternative form gustum), suggesting a reference to the tasting of beers, but this is less likely.

4. Seems inevitable although initial c is not an easy reading and the force of the plural is not obvious; for ceruesa see 186, 190.

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