Tablet 612

description 80 x 36 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (rampart edge). Period: ?.
Two joining fragments from the opening of a letter from Flavius Proculus to Genialis, written in a stylish hand with marked ascenders and descenders. The same hand is responsible for 219, also the start of a letter from Proculus to Genialis. 444 is almost certainly written in the same hand and we are now confident that it too is from the same Proculus (possibly again addressed to Flavius Genialis) and that our suggested reading a Proculó on the back is correct; see Appendix.


Flauius Proculus Genial[i] suo n
]e frater ṭoṃ[ n
]..ic̣umquẹ[ n
5 ] traces [
. . . . . . . .


1. For Proculus see the introduction and 611.i.7 note. The Proculus mentioned in 670.ii.7 is a different man.

3. After frater the reading seems to be ṭoṃ[, which is not promising although a few words beginning with these letters do exist. ṭoṇ[ is possible, perhaps pointing to some form of tondeo or a word derived therefrom. If we could read c̣oṃ[ (but c in line 1 and, probably, line 4, has a noticeable ascender in this hand, which the letter in line 3 does not have), we might think of a letter of recommendation; cf. 250.

4. c̣ụic̣umquẹ is possible.

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