Tablet 614

description 91 x 14 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: Site II. Period: 4/5.
Only the first line of this letter from Vegetus to Genialis survives. The name Vegetus may also be attested in a stilus tablet, 87.689; it is probable that we should accept there the reading Vegeto suggested in VRR II 57, rather than Veceto which we suggested in Tab.Vindol. I, pp. 364-5. We now think it quite likely that 352 is addressed to Cocceius Vegetus, see Appendix. Cocceius Vegetus and the addressee of 87.689 may have been one and the same, but the sender of the present letter, who addresses Genialis as dominus and was writing from somewhere other than Vindolanda, is probably a different person. The hand is rather large and sprawling. It is markedly similar to the hand of 654 back and could be the work of the same writer. 654 is a letter to a freedman of Genialis.


1. domiṇọ has been added over the line, perhaps in a second hand. The word is also used in the salutation in 647.

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