Tablet 679

description 62 x 23 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (bonfire site). Period: 3.
A fragment of an account written across the grain. It appears to be complete at the left and the foot. Two of the items listed are certainly foodstuffs and the rest may also be. If our suggestions in the notes are plausible, this looks like a list of foodstuffs for a special meal, perhaps on the occasion of a religious festival (cf. 190.c.32-3, 313.3, 581.71-2 and note).


. . . . . . . .
. [
mịn [ n
pulluṃ [ n
. ọpa . [ n
5 a. c̣u [ n
.ati . [ n
oliuạ [ n


2. Possibly mẹn[. If min is correct, perhaps mintha = mint, but there is also minium (red-lead) and minutal (mincemeat).

3. For chickens see 581 and 582.

4. Most of the first letter has been removed by damage to the surface of the tablet. The last trace, if it is ink, is compatible with the ascender of d. Perhaps c̣ọpaḍ[ , i.e. copadia, given by LS as a form of cuppedium/-ia ("delicacies").

5. Perhaps aṛc̣u[; OLD cites Paul., Fest. p.16M for arculata, small sacrificial flour-cakes (cf. 265).

6. The first letter looks most like p but c is also possible. patibulum might be restored but it does not seem to make much sense in the context; catillus (bowl) or catillamen (sweet) would offer better sense.

7. For olives at Vindolanda see 208.b.2 note, 302.margin 3.

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