Tablet 716

description 86 x 16 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (bonfire site). Period: 3.
The little which remains is strongly reminiscent of 645, a letter from Maior to Maritimus (see notes), but the hand in which it is written is quite different. This does not, of course, preclude its being a letter from Maior using a different scribe.


mihi resscrịbas uṭ sim n n
securiọr uacat? n
. . . . . . . .
Vindolande n
traces (?)
. . . . . . . .


1. resscrịbas: for the spelling cf. 645.10-11, where fac ut certum precedes mihi resscribas.

1-2. uṭ sim| securiọr: cf. 645.23 for a similar expression.

Back.1. For the spelling cf. 645.24 and note ad loc.

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