Tablet 137

description 57 x 80 mm.
This leaf is complete at the top and the left-hand side and probably also at the foot. The left-hand margin has the remains of two v-shaped notches and two tie-holes. On the photograph of this text it is particularly difficult to be sure which marks are ink and which are to be ignored.


1. The second letter seems to have a long descender which would only allow the reading pr.

2. There is the usual saucer-shaped mark over the numeral. The numeral could be read as viii (see our comment on this text in Bowman and Thomas (1987), 134 where, unfortunately, vii is a misprint for viii), but the evidence for the Ninth Cohort and the lack of evidence for an Eighth makes us prefer the more difficult reading.

3. omnes: es is a good reading and n before it suits the traces, but the reading of the first two letters is far from secure.

6. After the centurial sign, which is very abraded, we may have Ka.[ (but not Kar[i), or L..[.

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