Tablet 167

description 102 x 25 mm.
This fragment is complete at the left-hand margin, where there may be the remains of one or two v-shaped notches; it may also be complete at the top (see line 1 note). A tiny scrap with exiguous traces of letters from two lines, which we have not attempted to transcribe, cannot be placed with any confidence.



'... I ask, my lord Cerialis, that you consider me a worthy person ... '


1. There may be faint traces of two or three descenders, but see 170 which appears to begin with rogo.

2. The first letter of rogo is enlarged. Only the bottoms of the letters in the name survive, but there is no real doubt about the reading.

3. Only the tops of the first five letters survive but dignum fits the traces very well. Thereafter only very faint marks are visible which are compatible with me h[. This line was certainly indented (cf. 174.2).

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