Tablet 203

description 60 x 25 mm.
Part of a leaf, complete at the top and left margin, containing an account of foodstuffs written along the grain. This may simply be a shopping-list or "menu" for a single meal and should perhaps be related to the domestic organisation of the praetorium (284, with which it was found, might well be a letter to Flavius Cerialis).


xviii K(alendas) Septembreṣ
offellam . [ n
panis .. [
uini (sextarium) i [ n
5 olei .. [ n
. . . . . . . .


'15 August
a pork cutlet (?) ...
of bread ...
of wine, sextarius 1 ...
5of oil ... '


2. There may possibly be abraded traces of letters at the right and at the corresponding points in lines 3 and 5 where one would expect to find either quantities or cash sums. offellam: the normal spelling is ofella. For the meaning adopted see Dunbabin (1935), 10 and cf. Adams (1994); note the comments of Andr on Apicius 7.4 (Bud ed., 1974) where the recipe given includes ligusticum and amulum (both perhaps found in 204). The account in 191 also has the meat in the accusative case and other items in the genitive.

4. The symbol and the digit are further to the left than one might expect and it is possible that there was also a cash sum specified at the right.

5. Possibly traces of m(odios) and a numeral at the right.

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