Tablet 205

description,32, Tab.Vindol.I 6, Plate III.1.


] vii K(alendas) · Ianuarias · in singulos dies
] (sextarii) iiii · f̣ịunt dies x̣ḷiị m(odii) x s(emis) n
. . . . . . . .


'26 (?) December. Per day, 4 sextarii. Total for 42 days, modii 10½. '


2. The interpretation of the calculation has been corrected from that in the ed. pr. where we suggested that the number of sextarii was 14 and the number of days was 12. iiii is certainly an easier reading for the number of sextarii and the tall vertical after x seems most likely to be l. We would now certainly reject the possibility that 24 sextarii might have been written; this would surely have been expressed as 1½ modii.

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