Tablet 218

description, Tab.Vindol.I 34 Plate VII,1 and 2. CEL 102.


'... please either send or keep on one side anything which you believe useful for me. I sent word to you by our friend Paternus and by Gavo as to what our needs were. Thus, anyone whom you had demanded I immediately sent on to you... (Back) To Flavius Genialis. '


3. ẹt gạ.o ..ḷ, ed. pr., Agauo m(i)l(iti), CEL 102. Gauoṇị is certain and suggests that this may be the same person as Gauuo who appears as a supplier of goods in 192 and 207, especially in view of the rarity of the name (see note to 192.1) and the fact that on the back of both texts the name is spelled Gauo. Cugusi's reading of the the initial a in CEL 102 is in fact the top of the d below. The evidence for the patterns of writing and composition which are attested by the new tablets make us more confident that the interlinear additions here and in line 4 are likely to be the work of the sender of the letter (see our note in the ed. pr.).

4. exegeras: cf. perhaps 262.3.

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