Tablet 238

description 97 x 45 mm.
The beginning of a draft letter from Cerialis to a person whose name has not survived. The hand is not securely identifiable with any other in the Cerialis correspondence; it is similar in character to that of 248 and 291, but cannot be the same since the latter come from Brocchus and Severa. The use of interpunct is notable. The draft seems to end with a deletion and to have been abandoned. There are traces of a few illegible letters on the back of the lower part of the leaf, but since a draft will not have contained an address, these probably belong to a different text or draft.


Flauius · Cerialis .[ .. ] .. [
si · sollicitudini · meae domin[e n
explicạṭạ ẹsṭ [[..]] n
. . . . . . . .


3-4. If the readings are correct, the syntax would have demanded a feminine noun as the subject of explicata est, e.g. cura or ratio. The whole of line 4 may be deleted with a single, horizontal stroke. If not, the last two or three letters are certainly struck through. At the end perhaps two digits with a superscript dash, or n with a dash, for n(ostra), or a. if the apparent superscript dash is not ink.

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