Tablet 244

description 114 x 50 mm.
The right-hand part of a double leaf containing the end of a letter from Aelius Brocchus to Cerialis. Although so little of 244 survives for comparison, we are reasonably confident that the hand is the same as that of 291 even though the form of u is different and there are no apex marks. For the hands in the letters from Brocchus and his wife Severa see 243, 292, introduction. The lower part of the leaf, which no doubt contained the closing greeting, is lost.


. . . . . . . .
Seuera mea uos salutat n
. . . . . . . .
Flauio Cerialị traces (?) n
. . . . . . . .


'... my Severa greets you. (Back) To Flavius Cerialis, prefect (?) ... '


1. Cf. 530.

Back. The bottoms of all the letters of the name are lost but there is no doubt about the reading. We are not sure whether the following marks are ink but if so they can only be read as praef(ecto).

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