Tablet 262

description 88 x 32 mm. Plate XXVI.
A fragment of the left-hand portion of a leaf containing the beginning of a letter from Placidus to Cerialis. The name of the writer, which is an extremely common one, does not occur elsewhere in the Vindolanda tablets. The leaf is complete at the left which means that there was no gentilicium. Noteworthy features of the hand are the form of r with a foot which bends to the left at almost a right-angle to the descender, and p with a closed loop and a noticeable foot, with which the writer begins the letter (see Tab.Vindol.I, p.66 and above, p.51); since the more normal cursive form is used in line 3, it is obvious that the intention was to give the opening of the letter a more ornate appearance.


Placidus Ceriali suo
. [ ... ] .... ẹ. ẹ. eras domine n
] ịnspice
5 ] traces
. . . . . . . .


3. Before domine it is very likely that we have egeras and possible that this is the end of exegeras (cf. 218.4).

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