Tablet 274

description 88 x 22 mm.
The end of a letter to Cerialis which transmits a greeting to Lepidina. Compare 247 which may be from Brocchus. The present letter may also be from Brocchus, but the hand cannot securely be identified with any of those which occur in his correspondence and it is likely that other correspondents of Cerialis will have sent greetings to Lepidina. It is noteworthy that, in relation to the grain of the wood, the writing slopes markedly down to the right. There is an interesting ligature of u and a in line 3 (cf. above, p.52).


. . . . . . . .
]. [
ịnteresse c... areạṣ uacat? n
Lepidinam tuam saluta n
. . . . . . . .


2. The traces are compatible with the reading interesse cui pareas, e.g. "it makes a great deal of difference (or no difference) whom you obey".

3. Cf. 247.1: Lepidinam tuam a me saluta. The greeting may be in a different hand from that of the previous line.

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