Tablet 296

description + 85.047 107 x 34 mm.
Two joining fragments of the left-hand portion of a diptych containing the opening of a letter from Flavius Conianus to Priscinus. It is the very clear and distinctive p at the beginning and c in the middle of the name of the addressee on which we base our view that the name of the person with whom this small group of letters is associated is Priscinus rather than Crispinus (contrast Tab.Vindol.I 30-33).


1. C̣oniaṇus: we could perhaps read C̣oniaṛịus but it is less attractive. The form of c, with a diagonal stroke at the bottom, is unusual. The cognomen Conianus is unattested but note the rare gentilicium Conius, attested in Spain, Dalmatia and Sardinia ((?)) (NPEL); there is also a gentilicium ((?)) Coriarius, AE 1978.123 (Puteoli), but that might be a misreading. This name does not appear elsewhere in the Vindolanda tablets.

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