Tablet 306

description 63 x 55 mm.
A fragment of a leaf containing part of the right-hand side of a letter with traces of address script on the back. Since we have neither the left- nor the right-hand edge intact it is impossible to establish the line length. The first hand writes a nice, right-sloping cursive.


. . . . . . . .
] . li. iuga [ n
] . nis acuṭa [ n
] . s... ṇ. sṭ. aẹ n
] ...... uale .. domi[ne n
5 ] uacat (?) f̣ṛạter caris-
] uacat? ṣime
n n
] .... ḥaec n
]traces n
. . . . . . . .


1. iuga might suggest a reference to yoked animals.

2. There might be a letter or, more likely, an interpunct after nis.

3. At the right ṇọsṭṛaẹ might be read.

4. The message might end with ṭịḅị.

5-6. The writer appears to have left spaces at the left, aligning these lines with the beginning of his closure part-way through line 4, cf. 255.ii.15-7, 264.3-5. carisṣime: for c rather rather than k see 299.ii.1 and cf. the note on CEL 139, ad loc.

7-8. There are traces of two more lines of which we can make nothing coherent. For an addition after the closure see 248.ii.14.

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