Tablet 327

description 88 x 32 mm.
A fragment of a leaf containing three lines of a letter. It is not clear whether it belongs to the left- or right-hand portion of a diptych. The text mentions aes minutum ("small change") and it is possible to imagine that the sender is informing the recipient that he has despatched someone carrying the money; cf. 323.3 for a reference to the coins called uictoriati. For the function of coinage in this respect see Howgego (1992).


. . . . . . . .
et aḍ.. runṭ n
secum in aere n
minuto quia gr. [ n
. . . . . . . .


'... and they are bringing (?) it with them in small change because ... '


1. aḍf̣ẹrunṭ fits the traces reasonably well and makes good sense here (cf. 281.i.1 note and 3).

2-3. For aes minutum see TLL I 1075.25.

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