Tablet 333

description 68 x 20 mm.
A fragment of a leaf with two lines of a letter. The content is exiguous but the reference to libros in line 2 is interesting and perhaps provides some context for the literary knowledge at Vindolanda attested in 118.


. . . . . . . .
] ạb Arcano an- n
] . set librọs exse- n
. . . . . . . .


1. arcano: this word occurs in 162. ab here suggests strongly that it is a personal name. It seems likely that we have the right-hand edge of the leaf with an the start of a word which continued in the next line.

2. The first trace does not look like s; perhaps we have a word ending in -s followed by et. librọs: before the first letter there is the descender from r in the previous line. Given the knowledge of Virgil, and perhaps of Catullus, attested at Vindolanda (118, 119), there is no reason to doubt the availability of books. exse-: this suggests part of the verb exsequor, continuing in the next line (see line 1 note).

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