Tablet 335

description 68 x 24 mm.
Two joining fragments from what appears to be the end of a letter, perhaps to a woman (see note to line 4). We should therefore expect to see something of an address on the back, but nothing is visible. The writing on the right-hand fragment has mostly disappeared and no connected sense can be obtained. Word division is good.


. . . . . . . .
f̣ẹro sed cṛạ [.......... n
ịdeo esse sc̣ịr [.........] u. ad. [ n
torio ḍẹ c̣eṣṣe [..........] em uacat n
uale .. ṣ. [ n


1. craṣ is possible.

2-3. Presumably adị [ u-] /torio (cf. P.Brooklyn 24.iii.5, Thomas and Davies (1977)), probably not preceded by cum.

4. It is not clear whether this greeting is in a different hand, which is what we should expect. The last visible letter is either d or o; the former suggests ualeạṣ ḍ[omine, but the traces perhaps suit ualeạṣ ṣọ[ror better.

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