Tablet 448

Two non-joining fragments of the right-hand side of a letter, with part of an address preserved on the backs. They were found with 235 and 449, but seem unlikely to belong to either. The front of (b) has descenders from line 1 and an ascender from line 3.


enim quiḍqui[
[co]ḷḷ(co) ḷạṭ ..... n
]. omi n


b.Back.1. At the left are parts of two letters which appear to be written on a slant and are therefore perhaps part of the name or title of the sender (though they seem large for this); co]ḷḷ(ega) may be just possible. The letters to the right of this, in address script, may begin ḷạṭ with remains of some five or six letters more before the break.

c.1. As it is complete at the right, it could fit to the right of (b), but this does not suit the back; this appears to be complete at the left and then to read pạ.[ or pṛ.[ (pṛạ[ef is impossible, but Pṛị[scino could be read).

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