Tablet 495

Eleven abraded lines, written in a thick, rather ugly, script. Written across the grain and presumably part of an account, though we have been unable to establish anything definite (cf. also the note to line 11).


] traces
] . er ịṃ[ n
] traces
] . e. ụr[
5 ]cia · rogị[ n
] ṃṃaṇḍeṣ [ ] .. nịtuọ [ n
] .. simṃ.. [ n
]ạṃ · exp̣ḷ[
10 ] . ụale [. n


2. p̣er and a personal name (cf. 186) is not impossible.

5. The interpunct seems clear, but a word beginning rogi (or roci) is not attractive.

6. ṃaṛịḍeṣ could be read but we can find no suitable word with such an ending.

8. The traces are so badly preserved that we would not wish to rule out the reading p]ẹṛ Simịḷẹ[m (cf. 186.22), though it does not seem probable.

10. It is possible that nothing is written before or after uale, but it would be unparalleled for a letter to be written across the grain or for a writer to add uale at the foot of an account; we think it more probable that uale is part of a longer word.

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