Tablet 506

Two non-joining fragments; of the smaller only traces of two lines survive. The larger has the ends of the first seven lines of a letter.


] ạẹc̣o n
] ṣalutem n
] . equịṭẹṣ . [ n
] ndaṃ ... [ n
5 traces n
traces n
traces n


1. The end of line 1 clearly has the name of the addressee: perhaps C]ạẹc̣o (but an alternative possibility is ]ạf̣ịo).

2. suo must have been written on line 2 unless this line considerably overran the fold.

3-4. May have contained a reference to the despatch of cavalrymen to Vindolanda, but there are clearly numerous other possibilities.

5-7. Of lines 5-7 only odd letters can be read.

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