Tablet 575

description 43 x 31 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (bonfire site). Period: 3.
A fragment of a renuntium containing the right-hand ends of lines. The tablet is probably complete at the top and at the right-hand side. The hand does not appear to be identical with any other in this group of documents. The important feature of this text is that it is the first example which clearly shows a formula reporting of the absence of one person from his duty station (there may be a parallel in 138, see Appendix, ad loc.). The back is blank.


' [Date.] Report of the Ninth Cohort of Batavians. All who should be are at duty stations, as is the baggage, with the exception of of the century of Exomnius '


1. There is a mark on the photo which could be a trace of ink at the upper edge of the tablet, but it is more probable that the date is to be supplied at the left of renuntium (cf. e.g. 130, 133, 136).

5. A centurion named Exomnius is attested in 182.ii.13; see also 581.30 and note. Although the name is reasonably common in Belgica/Germany it seems likely that this is the same man and that we have lost a name and centurial symbol at the left of line 5. This century can now also be confidently identified in 127.9, also a renuntium (see Appendix, ad loc.). 182 is assigned archaeologically to Period 4, but see Introduction, p.00, above). The new reading of 127.9, and the fact that there is no clear evidence for renuntia of any unit other than the Ninth Cohort of Batavians, make the restoration of line 2 of the present text secure.

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