Tablet 576

description 48 x 20 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG/NW. Period: 4/5.
A fragment, complete at the left, containing the end of a renuntium. The bottom left corner appears to be square cut which suggests that the tablet is also complete at the foot and ends with the formula renuntiauit N (centuriae) Rufi (see above, 00). The archaeological attribution is to Period 4 or 5 (but see Introduction, p.00, above). The hand in which it is written is not unlike that of 145. The century of Rufus has not occurred before in the tablets. There may be traces of ink on the back.


. . . . . . . .
] traces [
enuntiauit C.. [ n
(centuriae) Rufi n


2. au is a correction. After that Cạṇ[didus may be possible. The name is very common at Vindolanda and occurs several times in the renuntia. Candidus of 148 is in a different century; that of the Candidus in 146 is not preserved.

3. The name Rufus has not previously occurred in the tablets but is almost certainly to be read in 849 as the name of a century..

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