Tablet 584

description 36 x 88 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (bonfire site). Period: 3.


3. Probably eọ[dem die, see 583.3 note.

4. 583.4 has karrạ exon-. Given the probable loss at the right, one could restore line 3 as eọ[dem die karra.

9. The interpunct after pr is lost in the break.

10. The scan suggests traces of ink at the left. If they are not ink we may have part of the tail of r from line 8 and perhaps the tops of letters from the beginning of line 11 (see note). 583.10 perhaps has traces of the tops of karra e[; if karra occurred in 584 it must have been at the end of the previous line (cf. line 4 note).

11. The reading is very uncertain and the bottom of the tablet is abraded and dirty; we would expect -ṛ c̣ụṃ.

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