Tablet 606

description 18 x 52 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG/NE (intervallum road). Period: 3.
Parts of 9 lines of an account written across the grain. We suggest that the entries probably consist of proper names in the dative, followed by quantities indicated by par or par(ia), which makes it more likely than not that this is an account of footwear (cf. 346, referring to pairs of udones and soleae); see also 602-605. The back is blank.


. . . . . . . .
] migeniọ .. [ n
] . o par [ n
]enti par [ n
] . ọ par [
5 ] traces (?) par [
] par [
]ri par [
] .. bri pa[r] n
] ḍi par [ n
. . . . . . . .


1. We suggest that Pri]migeniọ should be restored here. The name occurs in 347.a.1 belonging to a slave of Cerialis and in 418 (see Appendix), and is likely to be the same person. After it, the first trace would fit the bottom of ; the second does not look quite long enough for the down-stroke of a but it is difficult to imagine what else could have been written in view of the form of the other entries.

2. Probably read ]ṭo, the end of a name in the dative.

3. Possibly a trace before enti which would fit the top-stroke of c, suggesting e.g. Cres]c̣enti (a common name at Vindolanda and elsewhere, cf. 574.9 note)

8. The traces are compatible with ]ẹṃbri, e.g. Septembri (cf. 252. i.1. note) though this is not the only possibility and is perhaps in any case unlikely to belong to the prefect Caecilius September (Tab.Vindol.II, Index II, s.v. September, 581.80 note) in this account.

9. ]ḍi: perhaps Elpi]ḍi cf. 346.ii.2, 610.14, 18.

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