Tablet 614a

description 40 x 29 mm. Plate 9.
Archaeological data. Location: Site II/W. Period: 4?.
The start only of a letter from Claudius Iustus, who is not attested elsewhere in the tablets. There are traces of one or two abraded lines of writing on the back, which is unexpected since what we have is presumably the start of a left-hand column. Even more unexpected are apparent traces of ink in the top left corner of the front written on the slant; see the note.


1. We have found no parallel in the tablets for writing above the salutation, but we wonder whether it is a place-name indicating the place at which the letter was written (in contrast to place-names on the backs of letters, for which see Introduction, pp. 17). The writing may begin with the letters ra, so if our suggestion is on the right lines, this might point to Ratis; but we would not claim to be able to read this.

i.2. f̣ṛạtri is a good reading. For its occurrence in salutations cf. 310, 311 and Appendix, 370 and 484.

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