Tablet 621

description 98 x 41 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (bonfire site). Period: 3.
All that survives from the left-hand column on the front is a stroke from the end of one line; clearly the right-hand column was mostly or even completely blank (cf., e.g., 301). On the back is a fragment of the address, which proves that we have the remains of a letter sent by Cerialis. This can hardly be a draft and presumably was either a file copy or was brought back to Vindolanda by the recipient; 242 is similar.



1. The traces of the first surviving line are in address script. The reading is reasonably secure and praef is suitable, since Cerialis describes himself as a collega.

2. The writing slopes diagonally upwards as is usual. It is not in what we have designated the "Cerialis hand".

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