Tablet 635

description 100 x 36 mm. Plate 14.
Archaeological data. Location: SG/NE. Period: 4?.
Remains of a letter from Claudia Severa to Sulpicia Lepidina (cf. 291-293). Only the end of the letter proper is preserved, plus the start of the greeting in Severa's own hand. The words preserved exactly match words Severa used in 291 and 292. The first hand is not the same as the first hand of 291 but might be the same as the first hand of 292. There is also a small detached fragment with a letter or two from two lines.


1-2. The same expression in 291.9-10 (635 makes it clear that we should have kept to our earlier preference there for te and not eum; see Appendix). On the word order see Adams (2003b) 00. The u in filiọlus is very broad.

3-4. For the expression see 292.b.back; cf. also 661.back 6 and note. In 292 we were uncertain what to read between ual]e and soror. Here mi looks unavoidable. In Tab.Vindol.II wherever the words uale mi occurred, we assumed that mi was the masculine vocative of meus (see Index II s.v. meus). It now seems much more probable that mi in all instances is for mihi. See the discussion of this point in Adams (2003), 00. CORRESPONDENCE OF PRISCINUS (Nos. 636-638) For other letters to Priscinus, possibly prefect of the First Cohort of Tungrians, see 295-298; cf. also A.R.Birley (2001b), 20-1, (2002), 70-4,

152-3. 636 provides welcome confirmation that he was indeed a prefect. He may also occur in 663 and 770. All that we have identified as belonging to his correspondence in the later tablets are the scraps published below.

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