Tablet 636

description 77 x 32 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG/NE (intervallum road). Period: 3.
A fragment from the beginning of a letter to Priscinus. It is remarkable in that it has the address on the back of this half, which was presumably the left-hand column of the original letter (but cf. 343); this phenomenon also occurs in 319, 614A and perhaps elsewhere. Since there seems insufficient room for a gentilicium before Pr]ịscinọ in this half, the name may have run over the whole of the back of the tablet; but we can quote no parallel for this.


] P̣rịscinọ suo n
. . . . . . . .
[Pr]ịscinọ praẹf̣(ecto)
. . . . . . . .


1. The first letter could easily be read as c, suggesting Crispino; see Tab.Vindol.II, p. 266, for the ease with which these two names can be confused palaeographically. Here, however, the fifth letter can only be c so that the reading is not in doubt.

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