Tablet 644

description 88 x 14 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (below rampart spread). Period: ?.
The start of a letter from Cluvius Florus to a certain Quintus, written in an upright, squarish hand; an apex mark is used over a long o. Quintus has not appeared previously in the tablets, but A.R.Birley (2001b), 15, note 13, is correct to say that Cluvius Florus has already occurred in 281 (see Appendix), even though the hand may well not be the same as 644; we have now identified him also in 258 (see Appendix).


Cluuius Flórus Quinto [ n
. . . . . . . .


1. Quinto: for the use of praenominal forms as cognomina see 156.2 note.

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