Tablet 651

description 67 x 21 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: SG (bonfire site). Period: 3.
As part of an address survives on the back, the front is no doubt from the right-hand column of a letter. It is surprising that nearly half of the fragment which remains is blank at the right. The letter was from September, certainly the Caecilius September who wrote 298 to Priscinus, as the hand is the same. No doubt he is the same as the September who wrote 252 and probably 253 to Cerialis, and to whom Cerialis addressed 234 and perhaps 239; he is also likely to be the September who is mentioned in 581.80. On him see further A.R.Birley (2001b), 12-13, and (2002), 126.


. . . . . . . .
] .onarium n
]ṭụ eṣṭ n
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
praef(ecto) coh(ortis) n
] Ṣẹp̣ṭeṃbṛe. n


2. It is not possible to read leg]ịonarium (cf. 180.22). The initial letter is either c, p or t.

3. This line might be in a second hand, i.e. part of the closing greeting, but we cannot make it fit any of the usual formulae.

Back.2. More ink remains than is needed to complete the letter h; this additional ink is no doubt to be understood as the feet of letters from a preceding line (two descenders survive earlier in the line).

Back.3. No doubt supply a Caecilio, cf. 298.back. The hand is probably different from that of line 2 and could be the same as that responsible for line 3 on the front.

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