Tablet 652

description 42 x 62 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: LXXIV. Period: 4.
The ends of four lines of a letter, written in a competent, right-sloping hand. The tablet appears to be complete at top and bottom, and the writing may well be complete at the right. The noteworthy feature is that the name of the sender, written as usual diagonally from the bottom left corner, must be on the back of what would have been the left-hand column on the front. Alternatively, we could suppose that the letter was written in a single column across the whole width of the tablet (but it cannot have ended in line 4) or that the writer began with a right-hand columns, as in 343.


[su]o salutem n
].ạc̣turam fació n
]...ịḍ [[br.o]]..'tuḷịṭ'̣me. n
]ẹṣ. q̣uụr mihi n
. . . . . . . .
n Back:
. . . . . . . .
ab Mansueṭọ [


1. It is probable that no line has been lost before this, i.e. that the names of sender and recipient plus suo salutem were all written on the same line, as in, e.g., 212.

2. There seems to be the trace of a tall letter before ạc̣turam, suggesting ịạc̣turam, but this trace may not be ink. There is a clear diagonal ink mark above and to the right of facio which we think is intended as an apex.

3. It looks very probable though not certain that some letters in the middle of what remains of this line have been deleted. It is quite possible that no letter has been lost at the right after me.

4. q̣uụr: the reading is probable; on quur for cur see OLD s.v. cur.

Back. The traces of the last two letters are minimal. For the name Ma(n)suetus in the Vindolanda texts see 580.6 note.

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