Tablet 654

description 91 x 44 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: Site II/W. Period: 4.
Four or five lines of the right-hand side of a diptych are preserved, but they are so badly abraded that not more than an occasional letter and no complete word can be read. The tablet contains a letter to a freedman of Flavius Genialis, the first time a freedman has been mentioned for certain in the tablets (but see the note to 616.A.1). In 301 we have a letter to Candidus, a slave of Genialis. On the name of the freedman see Back 1 note.
The hand may be the same as that responsible for 614 (see the introduction). If so, 654 was presumably also a letter from Vegetus.


'To Gentilis(?), freedman of Flavius Genialis, prefect of the cohort '


1. G̣enṭịḷi: we suggest this reading of the name with some hesitation; cf. the remarks in A.R.Birley (2002), 172 n.3 (his earlier reading Cenosi is not possible as there is too much ink between ceno- and i for s; C̣enọṇị might be just possible). 217 is probably a letter from Gentilis to Genialis and 648 is almost certainly a letter to a Flavius Gentilis (see the notes ad locc.). These may all relate to the same man, but the reading of the name in the present text is so uncertain that we have not grouped this text with 648 as an "archive" of Gentilis.

3. The reading is far from certain. For this title applied to Flavius Genialis see 611.back.

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