Tablet 666

description 88 x 20 mm. Plate 22.
Archaeological data. Location: SG/NE (intervallum road). Period: 3.
A fragment containing two complete lines of a letter and a descender from a previous line. The final letter in the second line overruns the edge, which suggests that what we have is from the left-hand column; the general appearance of the fragment and the absence of any address on the back supports this.
The hand is interesting, with several ligatures. Word division is indicated and there is at least one example of the apex mark. e is narrow and tall, i can have a pronounced serif, and t in autem is taller than normal. The content too could well have been interesting, had more survived.


. . . . . . . .
possimus lautius benefició n
tuo ferias curare hoc auṭem n
. . . . . . . .


' (so that?) we may be able to attend to the festivities more lavishly thanks to you. But this \" '


2-3. benefició tuo: the same expression in 225.22-3. There may have been an apex over the o of tuo, but the tablet is broken at this point ferias: for possible religious celebrations at Vindolanda see 466 and the other texts referred to there. curare: we have not found this word used of feriae but it is attested with reference to preparing banquets, games and religious festivities, see TLL IV 1498.11ff., 26ff.; note especially Avienus, Perieg. III 757: Indorum populi stata curant festa Lyaeo.

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