Tablet 672

description (a) 50 x 49 mm (b) 50 x 49 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: N. Period: 4.
Two fragments of an account written across the grain. Fragment (a) is complete at the top and the left and fragment (b) is complete at the foot and the left. They are probably two halves of a diptych.


.. traces [ n
acce ..a n
bucculaṃ traces [ n
traces of 3 lines
Remains of 7 lines, mostly illegible


a.1. ..mbrạṇum looks possible and this suggests ṃẹmbrạṇum (for the neuter form see TLL VIII 628).

a.2. The most plausible reading is acceṣṣa, but we cannot see how to construe this as "additional items" since the verb accedo is intransitive. We are inclined to prefer the less attractive reading accep̣ṭa (paralleled in 598.c.1, cf. 675.3 note), which suits an account and does construe.

a.3. bucculaṃ: perhaps the cheek-piece of a helmet (Livy 44.34.8) or a component of a machine (Vitruvius 10.10.3).

b.3. Might begin ḥọṛḍ[.

b.5. Might end with cinem or ginem.

b.6. Begins with ad.

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