Tablet 674

description 67 x 31 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: Site II/W. Period: 4.
This fragment is complete at the left and may be complete at the top. It contains four lines of text written along the grain. It is noteworthy that the whole text seems to be in capitals, although only the first line can be read with any confidence. There is no real clue as to the content, although the date heading and what can be read in line 3 suggests an account. On the back are severely abraded remains of two lines but it is not clear whether these are also all in capitals or whether they belong to the same text.


traces [] n
ACC̣ traces [] n
..... QUOD . 11 . []
. . . . . . . .


1. This line is indented, as line 4 also appears to be. No doubt it is a heading. For the construction see OLD s.v. in, 23a and in particular the reference to Livy 41.16.5, comitia in ante diem tertium Nonas Sextiles ...edixit.

2. There are only traces of two or three letters in the middle of the line.

3. ACC̣ may be followed by a medial dot. It is probably some part of accipio and we suggest acc(epta), abbreviated, cf. 672.a.2 note. This line might have ACC(EPTA) · IN III IDUS FEBRUARIAS CO.[, but this is more an act of imagination than of reading.

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