Tablet 683

description 10 x 81 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: LXXI. Period: 4.
A narrow strip from the middle of an account or accounts, possibly complete at the top and foot. Written in the same hand on both sides, along the grain. The basis for the designation of the sides as Front (side A) and Back (side B) If our suggestion that line 1 of side A has a heading ratio plus name is correct, this may be the front, and side B the back.


].iọ g.[ n
]igị..[ n
].ḍuṃ[ n
5 ].inta[
traces of 2 more lines n
].is.[ n
5 ]ụsiụ[ n
]ụsiu.[ n
]atul.[ n
10 ]sine[
]ụ.b[ n


A.1. ra]ṭiọ would be a satisfactory reading, followed by a space before g. 192 and 207 have ratio Gauuonis on the back and 601 is headed ratio Flori. Gạ[ is a possible reading.

A.2. sil]igịṇị[s is a possible restoration (see 586 introd., 673).

A.4. ]ọṛuṃ is also possible. 5-

A.8. There is a gap of two to three lines between lines 5 and 6 and between lines 7 and 8.

B.1. Perhaps ]ḍisạ[, cf. line 12.

B.5. Presumably the same entry as in line

B.8. We wonder whether we might have another reference to segusi, cf. 594, introd., 678.8 and note, and note to next line.

B.9. Most probably ]atulụ[, which suggests c]atulụ[s/-m, a puppy or young dog, cf. 677.6 and note, where the form is catellus.

B.13. The tablet is blank below this line.

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