Tablet 702

description 43 x 28 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: II/SW. Period: 3/4.
Fragment of three lines with another two written vertically in the left-hand margin. There are traces at the left of line 3, presumably from a left-hand column. The back appears to be blank.


. . . . . . . .
p̣aḷḷ u[ n
mesụ [ n
minus . [
Left margin:n
]ui multis


1. Presumably some case of pallula; less probable is c̣aḷḷu[m (for which cf. 233).

2. Possible interpunct after mes and again after minus in 3.

Margin. It is very tempting to read/restore multis | ann]is. The expression has not hitherto occurred in the Vindolanda material, but it is an epistolary cliché in closing greetings. CEL contains numerous examples, e.g. 142.64 (=P.Mich. VIII 468), bene ualere te opto mult[i]ṣ annis felicissime im perpetuo. We cannot, however, suggest what would have preceded multis in this text.

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