Tablet 707

description 92 x 25 mm.
Archaeological data. Location: II/W. Period: 4/5.
Probably complete at the right and perhaps at the foot (i.e. from the bottom of a left-hand column). The back is blank.


. . . . . . . .
] . ḷlọ ..lḷos ạbebis qui ṭibi ḥaṇ ... n n
] .. aṃ dabiṭ et aud si quid putạṣ n n


1. If what we have recovered is correct, ạbebis must be for habebis (cf. 649). Before it perhaps -ḷlọṣ ịlḷos but both i and the first s are not easy readings.

1-2. If line 2 was slightly inset with respect to line 1 and nothing was lost at the left, we think the reading ḥaṇc̣ ṭị|ḷịaṃ very probable. We may have the same expression in 643.ii.4-5, see note.

2. We are baffled by aud, which looks a clear reading. Neither (h)aud nor aud for aut is attractive.

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