Tablet 791

Two fragments of an account written across the grain and complete at the right. Seven or eight lines.


traces of line-ends on one side only.
]ṃ(odius) (sextarius) x.
traces of 7 lines n
traces of line-ends only. n


b.A.1. Line 1 may read ]ṃ— l (sext.) x., i.e. 50 modii 10+ sextarii. The next four or five lines end in figures, i.e. amounts. The penultimate line ends ]ẹmbres, no doubt a date; the bottom line and probably lines 1-3 have the sextarius symbol in the form used in 193 (on which see Tab.Vindol.II, p. 55); in the bottom line it is followed immediately by s = semis.

b.B.1. The hand is much like that of the accounts 754 and 755.

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