Tablet 824

The start of five lines from the right-hand column of a letter with the end of one or two lines of the left-hand column visible. There are traces of two lines in address script on the back. Severely abraded and mostly illegible. There is also a small scrap with traces on both sides, which may or may not belong.


mịṭtere ị.... [ n
. ẹn.. s traces [ n
diem .ẹ.. re. ẹ.. sṣ. [ n
]ṭeṇ traces n
5 traces.


1. Perhaps iḷḷụṃ [.

2. enies looks possible but not uenies.

3. After diem perhaps ụeṇịre.

4. May end si q[u-.

6. We would not rule out Fla]uio Ceriali praef(ecto) in the first line, but every letter is doubtful.

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