Tablet 829

The start of three lines of (presumably) the right-hand column of a letter, with remains of an address on the back. Written in a neat, right-sloping hand. A large stain obscures part of line 2 and most of line 3. The form of a in lines 2 and 3 is noteworthy: in line 2 it has the additional stroke at the foot of the diagonal, while at the start of line 3 the descender is exceptionally long and curls to the left at the foot.


mẹ [ .. ]tatis quem n
adṃ[ n
5 ] ẹ ... ef(ectus) n


2. The feet of letters from the whole line survive but only m near the middle can be identified with certainty.

3. E.g. me[ pu]tatis, though there are obviously other possibilities.

5. The ending suggests we should read praef(ecto), but pra is not easy and e (or s) before it is reasonably certain.

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